Yes it’s that time of year and the houseblingers are draining the National Grid again. I’ve never quite understood it myself, all that money on flashing Santas and red noses, not to mention the running costs, and they’re sat inside the house where they can’t see them.

It also means the seasonal return of the Houseblinger Blog and website from where I lifted the video above. It’s genuine according to Snopes, the 2004 Light-o-Rama created by Carson Williams of Mason, Ohio and was made up of 16,000 lights. People driving past the house were told to tune into a low power FM station to hear the accompanying music. If you fancy having a go, please feel free to follow the instructions.

Christmas QI fact No 1: Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is a girl. Male reindeer shed their antlers at the end of autumn, whereas lady reindeer keep theirs until they give birth in the spring.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th December 2006

    That’s tosh that is! Rudolph was a horny male reindeer and the lady reindeers were fed up of his antics in the stable at night so they spread this malicious rumour about reindeer antlers and sexual identity. It wasn’t Rudolph’s nose that was red either it was his knob as in the famous Christmas song “Rudolph the red knobbed reindeer had a very shiny knob” I won’t recite the next part but the rhyming word is “gob”!

  • Shooting Parrots 17th December 2006

    Would that be throb?

  • The Great Blandini 18th December 2006

    Ah yes.

    Saw this work of genius last year.
    Personally, I loathe the tawdry second-rate house-blinging that goes on in the UK, and would much rather people just put a wreath on their door.

    However, this bloke deserves the Nobel Prize.
    Absolutely brilliant.

    Also, I believe Rudolf was actually transgendered and found nothing but bigotry and ridicule amongst the other reindeer, and also that Father Christmas was a miserable drunk to whom s/he could not turn in his/her hour of need.
    He had no supprt network at the North Pole, and so became the neurotic shopaholic we know and love today.

    Is that the time? Must go….


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