Tip Trip

First day off for Christmas and what did I do? Probably the most pointless task — recycling. Off I went to the tip with a carful of cardboard, paper, drink cans and bottles. And why pointless? Because this time next week we will be surrounded by carboard, paper etc.

Seems everyone else had the same idea because when I got there I was turned away as all the various recycling skips were full to overflowing and the place was in total confusion with truck backing in and out to take the skips away and replace them with empty ones. So I’ll have to go back tomorrow after a wasted, environment-damaging car journey.

Not only are the car parks and high streets full, but so is the rubbish dump.

Oh, and if like me you woke up with a groan this morning to the news about the cricket, get your own back on the Aussies by playing Stick Cricket. Take time out to practice your shots though.

Christmas QI fact no. 3: The nativity scene we’re all familiar with was invented by St Francis of Assisi in 1223. There is nothing in the New Testament to support the view that Jesus was born in a stable. It is an assumption based on St Luke’s words that He was ‘laid in a manger’.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th December 2006

    I am an ardent recycler myself but as in Manky our recycling skips always seem to be overflowing. They ask us to recycle and give us badly mainatined, ill-lit recycling facilities. It’s shit really.

    As regards the Christmas story the language got all screwed up along the way. Really it was that rampant womaniser Joseph who laid Mary in a manger and then had a kid thought to be unstable by the innkeeper in Bethlehem who was called Norman and used to manage the “Three Tuns” in Oldham.

  • Lisa 23rd December 2006

    There’s also no grumpy innkeeper mentioned in any gospel. Also no raccoon though thats definitely what I was in my grade one Christmas play. Or why do people always put the 3 kings right in the manger? First: nobody ever said their were kings in the bible, or that there were three of them. Second: the came quite a while after the shepherds and etc!
    Strange, hey?


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