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Have you come across those insurance policies that you can take out on household appliances? Not the ones they try and stiff you with at Currys or Comet, but the private ones that promise to repair them when they break down and to replace them if they are unrepairable in exchange for a small monthly payment. If you’ve been tempted, don’t bother — they’re rubbish.

We took one out on our washing machine after the manufacturer’s warranty expired. That was about ten years ago and the other day it conked out, as has done two or three times a year for the last few years.and we went into the usual rigmarole. We phoned the company and were told that it would be a week before an engineer could come and take a look. Given the age of the machine, that will inevitably involve a shake of the head and air sucked through teeth and the words, “With a model as old as this, we’ll have to wait to get the parts”.

Two or three weeks later, we just might have a working washing machine. In the meantime we (or rather Mrs P) will have to spend hours at the launderette, not to mention the expense. And they will do anything, absolutely anything not to replace the sodding thing which is daft when you consider how much it must cost them to send their man and his van to visit us six times a year.

But enough was enough. I don’t believe in throwing things away if they are repairable, but the service should be rather more prompt than that, so yesterday we went out and bought a new washer, plus a dryer, from a local shop who delivered and fitted them two hours later and took the old machine away. And the money we used to pay the insurance company we’ll put away to cover future repairs from a mechanic who can be arsed to provide a decent service.

We rang up the company to cancel the policy and were asked if we would mind telling them why. Because it’s rubbish we said. “Oh” was their only reply.

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  • Brian 2nd January 2007

    I have a maintenance contract with British gas. They look after the central heating, the plumbing and drains and all the major kitchen appliances. They’re pretty good.I’ve always had a fast response when I’ve had a problem.


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