The IKEA Maze

Another observation from IIJMOIES, this time about IKEA and it’s absolutely spot on:

The layout alone makes you feel like a lab rat. The stores are like psychoactive jigsaw puzzles with moving pieces, designed by a sick Swedish physicist with access to extra dimensions.

They have what look like short cuts between adjoining sections, allowing you to pop through a little walkway from one part of the store to another. But where you end up won’t be where you were trying to get to, even if the store maps said it would be. Worse, if you decide you were better off where you were, and pop back through the hole, you won’t end up where you started, but in a different section again. Sometimes on a different floor altogether. In a different branch of IKEA.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 30th December 2006

    Ha! Ha! It’s true that. I have only visited IKEA two or three times but what struck me about the layout was how cleverly they guided your path – literally like being in a maze – except that this one is filled with tacky furniture – so different from the original and stylish Habitat stores.

  • Colin Campbell 24th January 2007

    And it is the same in every one. I have been in Ikea in four continents. So hard to escape without spending the equivalent of $200 of equivalent local currency (and some meatballs).


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