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A strangely quiet day, the first one back at work after a two week break. Oddly quiet, or perhaps the office brain hasn’t quite clicked in yet to remind me of the things I’d mentally listed for me to do come the New Year.

So instead I got chance to play with my new toy, the sat/nav presented to me on Christmas Day by Mrs P which came as a major surprise, despite my many ‘getting lost’ hints over recent months. And I am impressed.

I set it to get me to work, a journey I’ve made for over 20 years, wondering what the Australian voice I’d set it to (in deference to our appalling performance in the Ashes) would make of my back street shortcuts and traffic avoidance. I’d half expected a telling off and an order to turn round, but no, the gizmo simply politely replotted my route time after time.

Back home tonight, I couldn’t resist downloading a couple of the extras, which is where Tom Tom must make their money. First up was the ‘safety camera’ information. TT doesn’t do the S-word, ie ‘Speed’, not that I’ve been caught very often, but then you can’t be too sure, touching wood and that.

Next was an indulgence — the voice of John Cleese to guide my driving instead of the Australian bloke. I’m not sure how that one will work out. Perhaps it only really works well in Torquay (as in “Don’t mention it. Oh, you didn’t,” when you show politeness and let a car out of a side street,) or “Don’t mention the war,” on entering Berlin, and “I think I got away with it.”

Or even, “From those wonderful people who brought you the Wellington Bomber,” on approaching the outskirts of Dresden. Okay, so this is not a Fawlty Towers quote, but it should have been, dammit!

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  • Jennyta 3rd January 2007

    TomTom is brilliant. I couldn’t do without it when I am supply teaching, especially as I still don’t know this neck of the woods all that well. John Cleese is pretty good too.

  • Elle 6th January 2007

    I LOVE my my SatNav thingy (not TomTom).
    Unfortunately I can’t change the voice as I would have loved to have a man telling me where to go. And then to ignore it…

    I know – a bit sad but that’s how my female brain works.


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