Buffer Zone

As an oft times blog reader, it’s amazing how many hit the buffers. There are generally three reasons for this:

  1. Someone at work figures that you’re being unpleasant about them;
  2. The stuff you write about is so interesting that you’re offered a book deal;
  3. And finally, you just don’t have much to write about anymore.

The first has never bothered me much as don’t write about other folk much, certainly not in a derogatory way. The second would interest me a lot since it involves large cheques, but I know that my personal ramblings has even less appeal than a Jeffrey Archer novel.

So I’m stuck with the third. My creative gravy train having hit the buffers. A slow and cushioned end at the terminus, journey over. I have nothing left to say.

Except, maybe, what is it with supermarket receipts? Yards of paper that no-one ever checks, other than the bottom line of how much you saved on the bogof offers. How is that saving the rain forest?

Or why people complain about the ‘Nanny State’ and yet also expect Nanny to step in with hard cash when the State ‘fails’ them?

Just two examples of our collective madness. I suppose I’ll have to carry on. Well at least until I hit the 1,000 post marker. Which won’t be long. I hope.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 15th January 2007

    Hello! Thought Santa’s elves had got ya! Now about supermarket receipts – and I say this in all honesty – ever since they did away with price labels and introduced scanning I have ALWAYS checked my receipts. You’d be surprised the number of times supermarkets have tried to fiddle me – but they can fiddle others – they’ll not catch me out – no way! I worked bloody hard for that money and I’m not letting Tesco Monster or Sainsbury Mafia or even Robin Netto Hood take more than they are entitled to! You’d be better off ranting about packaging – now that is a scandal!

  • J.J 18th January 2007

    You could have included the ‘Someone makes an anonymous complaint about their blog to their boss in an attempt to get them the sack.’

    Not that I know anyone that happened to of course……


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