I heard on the radio tonight that performance enhancing drugs are more common than marijana and other mind-altering stuff. So where are they? The former, not the latter, which comes as a freebie for our kids if the Daily Mail is to be believed. That and gambling, which I doubt.

But where are the real drugs? I get plenty of offers for Viagra and Cialtis (which sounds like an itcy, irritating and personal disease) but that is spam, so what’s the real deal?

Where is the drug that can enhance talking-bollocks ability? The one you need in ‘team meetings’ that convince your colleagues that you acually know what you’re talking about? Or the one at home that excuses a failure of a domestic task, like emptying the ‘wishdosher’, getting you off the hook?

Speaking as one whose performance is under-enhanced almost always, give me the chemistry every time.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 25th January 2007

    What’s this marijana stuff you mention? Don’t you mean margarine?
    Sorry to disappoint you but in some things you just have to be who and what you are – there ain’t no drugs but if you send me a cheque for £725, I will arrange a series of counselling sessions for you. This should help me, I mean you a lot.

  • Shooting Parrots 26th January 2007

    As an escapee of the class war, I’ve left margarine in the distance. Tasted like crap, didn’t it?

  • Yorkshire Pudding 29th January 2007

    Speaking personally, I have never tasted crap but I have heard that over the hills in Manchester they are quite partial to such exotic food!


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