Matchstick Men (and Women)

A graphic designer friend of ours (well more Mrs P’s really) is quite a talented artist and the other day she got a call out of the blue from the BBC asking if she would take part in a new programme.

“The concept is to recreate well-known paintings,” trilled the woman from the Beeb. “With Rolf Harris fronting. We take some local artists to the same viewpoint as a famous one and let them paint it today, in this instance Piccadilly Gardens by L.S. Lowry.” (See above)

Friend guardedly agrees to take part with the researcher telling her that the Beeb will provide all the materials. “We’ll give you an easel to work on,” she was told. I’ve never used an easel thought our friend, but pressed on regardless.

“What medium do you work in?” asked the earnest researcher.

“Whatever comes to hand,” said our friend. “Sometimes I use the kids’ paints from the Pound Shop.”

“Ha ha ha,” (nervous laugh). “We can provide you with Prussian blue. Lowry used that a lot, you know.”

“No, it’s okay, I’ll use what I’ve got.”

“Okay. I’ll put you down for £5 at the Pound Shop. Er… what is the Pound Shop?”

Anyway, friend is nervously looking forward to recreating a very different Piccadilly Gardens next week. As she says, “People and buildings, the two things I can’t paint.” But then Lowry was hardly a dab hand himself.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th January 2007

    Some things get under your skin.
    For me these things would include:-
    Dylan Thomas
    Bob Dylan
    John Fowles
    Vincent Van Gogh
    and yes Laurence Stephen Lowry
    Such a pity that “The Lowry” in Salford doesn’t do him justice. I hope that lady you know enjoys the opportunity she has been given. Lowry was something really special in my view.


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