Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

fs83p0vg1qvz35e-rect2100I sometimes wonder if the boss at Tesco has a secret button under his desk to trigger the ‘extreme weather warning’ messages that send folk scuttling off to denude their shelves of bread and milk as was happening in Wales today as the snow fell overnight.

More likely it’s the media as in ‘it snows in London, therefore the rest of the country must be ten foot deep in billions of no two are identical snowflakes. (How do they know that? Is there some quality check in the sky before any fleck is allowed to fall? I don’t think so.)

But back to the media conspiracy, long may it be so. Thanks to the ‘only drive if your journey is necessary’ warnings and the weatherman predicting that ‘road chaos will edge north by the afternoon’ the drive to work was a breeze this morning as everyone else stayed at home wondering whether the power would last and would they have to eat the dog to survive, or the children come to that.

Between slices of panic-bought Warburton’s.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th February 2007

    Firstly, regarding unique snowflakes, there was one that fell in the foothills of Mount Everest in 1873 that was by all accounts EXACTLY the same as one that fell in a children’s playground in Rochdale in February 1979 – thereby disproving this ridiculous myth.

    Secondly, my school’s Year 11 Parents Evening was postponed this evening because Sheffield had a dusting of snow measuring 3.2 mm. Crazy!

    Thirdly, don’t call me duckie you gay Lancy hamshanker Corrie gay bloke!

  • Jennyta 12th February 2007

    I’d go for eating the children, personally. Dogs are a lot less trouble. (Only joking – I think.)


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