light-bulbWhen TB and the EU announced that the light bulb as we know it was to be outlawed over the next four years I fully expected there to be a run on them at our local Morrison’s in the same way that the folk in the 50s and 60s would stockpile beans, cans of soup and bread if there were the threat of a transport strike, Soviet nuclear attack or, latterly, a long Bank Holiday weekend.

My prejudice against low-energy bulbs goes back some years when my late father-in-law replaced all the conventional bulbs in his house. It was awful, a gloomy off-yellow light that was like a throwback to the low-wattage 1950s, so the prospect of us all having to exist in this gloaming didn’t exactly appeal.

But my opinion has changed thanks to good old Morrisons. I was in there the other night and spotted that they were selling low-energy bulbs for 99p and as a BOGOF offer so I bought a couple figuring that I wasn’t risking much. I tried them out in our cellar which hasn’t the best of lighting because we were limited to 60w bulbs because of the shades, but I could now put in 100w bulbs because they give out far less heat and the light is so much better.

The only drawback I’ve noticed is that they take a little time to warm-up to full brightness, but not so long to be much of an inconvenience, so I’ve since bought a stack of these bulbs and am gradually replacing them throughout the house.

Am I saving the planet? Who knows. Am I saving money on the lecky bill? Most definitely.

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