And the date is?

What absolute rubbish – I would firstly contest the figure of 50,000 tons of carbon from 800,000 tons of charcoal, secondly the carbon emmisions from cooking by gas inside the house will be comparable to that by cooking outside with gas. It’s just another excuse to get money from the public by employing nannies to go round the neighbourhood making sure people can’t enjoy themselves – it has naff all to do with saving the planet.

Don’t you just love it when people get taken in by an April Fool story. Mind you, I think the MoS is playing a dangerous game and is putting ideas into officialdom’s collective head.

UPDATE: The MoS have deleted the pages from their website presumably because of the noon cut-off for April Fool hoaxes or more likely to save their readers’ blushes.

If you didn’t see it, the story was that, as of today, councils would be able to impose a £5 levy on every barbecue we have as a ‘carbon offset’ or face a £50 fine.

I thought that reporter’s name was a bit of a give away — April Baddeley-Burns — but going online to sign the petition before rushing to the ‘comments form would have been a good idea.

As several people commented, this April Fool was scarily believable.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I still had the story as a Firefox tab so I’ve copied and pasted below.

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