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Over the years I’ve dealt with more than my fair share if IT’s little helpers from tech support and I have to say they are a breed apart. I won’t re-rehearse the hackneyed help desk jokes and admit that these are probably outnumbered by the caller from hell jokes –these guys have a difficult job to do, usually dealing with people who have little idea of how exactly that box of tricks on their desktop that they use every day actually works.

No, I’m not having a go, just a few observations on the characteristics of those drawn to this chosen profession that I’ve had to deal with of late:

  1. Haircuts: Lord knows I’m in no position to comment, but I will. They seem to fall into two camps, those with styles that you know they’ve had since the age of 11 (nerds?) and those that say “I am a rebel,” as in pony-tails, angular sideburns that tell you they play online games most nights (geeks?)
  2. Demeanour: Three camps here. The enthusiastic puppy who counters each problem with gusto whose first reaction is to ‘flatten’ your hard disk, thus losing all your settings, important email and software, but the problem is ‘fixed’. Finally the ‘Tall Dark Stranger’ of the 70s and 80s spaghetti westerns who ride into town full of marauding Mexicans and when begged to become sheriff says “Yep” and asked wether they can stop the problem are equally monosyllabic. And with a PC wreathed in gunsmoke and your office littered with dead bodies, they plant a cheroot between thin lips and tip their hats, saying “Pleasure, ma’am” before riding off, silhouetted by a setting sun. (That’s if you’re the petticoated lead.)
  3. But the two abiding norms of the IT world I cannot fathom are these: One, whoever you speak to, they are all invariably male. You’d think that women have something to offer in the empathy department. And Two; None of the blokes wears a wedding ring.

As I said, I pass no comment, just an observation, but you do wonder.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 24th April 2007

    like Charles Darwin, I think you have correctly identified a human sub-species that is very deserving of close observation. In my school, I have always had the philosophy that I must ingratiate myself to these technocrats – “I’m awfully sorry to bother you because I know that you are always very busy even though you leave the school premises at bang on 3pm – but I was just wondering would it be possible to have a new monitor for my computer as the last one was stolen in 2003 and I have reported this on forty seven separate occasions before now…”


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