I added to my green credentials today by taking the train to Cumbria instead of the car. It was destination Penrith which I quite like, having stayed a night there last year through work. It has a market town feel and its streets are a mix of the high street stores you find everywhere and local shops with a long history that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

I’ll skip the history lesson, other than to mention that its castle must once have been something to behold. My only criticism of the strategists would be that siting it right opposite the station must have made it a bit of a convenient target for any number of visiting marauders.

Like me who went the extra green mile, by hoofing it on foot to my final destination, an unexpected bungalow-looking building.

The trip back got me home just in time for the Man U game, but not before sharing a crowded train from Preston and too much information from fellow passenger:

“When I was sixteen I hadn’t kissed much and then I kissed this boy who licked my lips, and chin and nose, and I thought I’d been getting it wrong. Then I snogged someone else and it was different.”

Let’s not go there.

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  • J.J 25th April 2007

    Glad to hear you made it back in time to see that great match.

  • Shooting Parrots 1st May 2007

    It was a bloody great match that happen just now and again. Another tomorrow would do.


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