Apart from the terribly dull, *Hi, I’m on the train,” mobile chat, have you noticed how surreal listening to just one end of a phone conversation can be?

I wandered down the garden tonight to tell Mrs P that a mate had phoned to ask what was happening with their usual choir session. The conversation went something like this, skipping the choir stuff. All of this is our end:

“What? Someone got bitten by a squirrel?”

“You were bitten by a squirrel?”

“That was on the photocopier?”

“What was it doing, apart from biting you? Not much then.”

“Did you kill it? I would have. They’re vermin and if one bit me, I’d want to kill it. You couldn’t catch it? Well fishnets wouldn’t work would they?”

(Fishnets as in scooping up tadpoles rather than plump legs I hope.)

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