Bloody Cyril

Actually I’m not sure if this is Cyril or Cyriletta raiding (and wrecking) the bird feeders. There are usually at least two of the grey raiders in the garden and the crop of tulips was pitiful after they dug up the bulbs during the winter.

I’ve toyed with idea of an air pistol or a catapult, but a) I don’t think I’d have the heart to pull the trigger; and b) I’d probably miss and smash the bird feeder altogether.

Besides I would have the animal libbers on my back. True story, the circus rolled into town this week, the usual (and boring) clowns and tumblers and not a lion in sight.

But they do have a zebra. A horse in pyjamas. And this is cruel apparently. A bunch of animal rights roughs turned up wielding placards and shouting slogans, demanding freedom for said zebra.

LionI don’t think they actually make it perform, unless it can talk, as in the Mr Ed Was A Zebra hoax, when clearly he was a palomino, even on black and white telly. I suppose that the protesters would prefer to have the zebra released into its native Africa to be torn limb from limb by a couple of lions.

Which takes me back to the Squirrelistas. Had I meant any of my airgun/catapult comments, I could have expected either the RSPCA or the zebra-placard throng (with the Z-word replaced) or even those who would dig up my relatives to make a point.

So here’s my suggestion. Grey squirrels are not an indigenous species. Can you please return them from whence they came? Ship ’em back to North America in little convict suits and chains. Back to the land of the cougar and natural selection?

Or would that be more cruel than me loading some lead?

(You can click the pic to see a rather blurry blow-up. My excuse is taken at distance an object that didn’t half move about a lot.)

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 29th April 2007

    Why the hell do you make it so difficult for those poor squirrels to feed? Give em specially purchased squirrelbics and spread em on your extensive lawn!

  • Shooting Parrots 1st May 2007

    Don’t have to. Planting bulbs seems to do the trick for ’em. Just two bloody tulips this spring!


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