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You do wonder what comes into the minds of parents when they Christen their children. Take this article and check out the by-line. Mind you, some seem to go out of their way to do it. Someone I once worked with claimed that she once knew a girl called Bythesea Shore, pronounced By-thes-ee-a, but think about it.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th May 2007

    As well as saddling kids with awful names, I have noticed a rather weird phenomenon in the British working class and this concerns odd spelling choices from people who otherwise don’t seem to care a fig about accurate spelling – Mathew with one “t” and what about Raegan instead of Regan? Then there’s Keeley and Keelee and Kayleigh etc.. Shayne and Shane and Holly and Hollie. These morons! They should be made to use standard spellings in the registry office.

  • Jennyta 7th May 2007

    There is a little girl in our Reception class called Nevaeh, which, as we soon worked out, is Heaven spelt backwards.

  • Shooting Parrots 8th May 2007

    YP — Totally agree about the spelling thing. Names that have been around, yeah even unto the Bible and the buggers still can’t get it right. But then they can’t read.

    Even when they can they get it wrong, as in Reagan and Regan. But why would you want to name your kid after a brainless and incontinent… oh, I see their point.

    Jenny: Nevaeh? that’s a first for me. Taking the ‘play the records backwards’ conspiracy theory as gosepl, does this mean their little darling is Hell?


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