Crap Walk

Picking up dog crap is not pleasant, even if you’re armed with those specially scented plastic scoop bags. Collecting a freshly squeezed, steaming dollop of dump? Well there are more life-enhancing experiences. But we do it because we are responsible dog owners and yet sometimes you wonder why we bother.

I took Jack for a stroll along the canal tonight. I didn’t really want to, being totally knackered from two days of more or less solid interviewing, but it did me good getting some fresh air. And wet. But the dog shit?! There were mounds of it every few yards, some of it just feet from the bin that the council has installed for the purpose of disposal.

The ‘responsible citizen’ in me should have picked up other people’s pet’s Winalot by-product, but then I would have needed a bloody rucksack on my back to carry the perfumed plastic scoopers needed to clear that lot.

I know the arguments — I’ve used them myself — that it’s a natural product that will dissipate in time. But it’s a bloody nuisance. Apart from anything else, you spend most of your time head down, stepping over the crap and completely missing the beauty of the countryside you’re walking through.

So please, please, dear reader, if you have a dog and don’t scoop the poop, try this experiment. Take it home and scatter it on your lawn instead. Leave it until June or July and see how you feel about it then.

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