From SNP to ESC

Instead we’ve got a Christopher Biggins impersonator with a comedy busom doing a Buggles impression whist wrapped in turkey foil complete with scrawny legged backing singers wearing Eric Morecombe sock suspenders.
Blognor Regis

The general view was that Ukraine’s entry looked a lot like Christopher Biggins although I thought he was more Timmy Mallet-esque. But the  really unexplained appearance was that of Alex Salmond for Latvian operatic combo, even down to his trademark overcoat. He’s the third bloke on.

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  • Blognor Regis 13th May 2007

    Either way, Mallett or Biggins, it’s the enormous glasses that do it.

    Don’t suppose you won any money this year?

  • Shooting Parrots 13th May 2007

    Not a betting man, I’m afraid, even if I’d heard any of the songs before the event!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 13th May 2007

    Translated – this was the chorus of that Latvian song:-
    “Went down to the all night garage for some fags
    Then called in to the pub for a swift half.
    Posted a letter to my insurance company
    Then it started to piss it down with rain…”


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