Inept Opposition

I find it incredible that such an apparently well-researched report could be so inaccurate here in Manchester at a hospital that has neither A+E or maternity services. It may have done so once in the dim and distant, but not for the last 20 years to my knowledge. But it’s not just here another seven of the list of 29 who are giving a bewildered shake of the head, saying “Not us, Dave.”

In fact one of Dave’s own MPs has had to apologise to his local hospital over this almighty cock-up.

Meanwhile, having said they will definitely, definitely do away with inheritance tax, it now seems that this is just one of a range of options being considered, while Dave is getting it in the neck over his rhetoric over street crime so, to switch our attention, they are promising to repeal the Human Rights Act. Can’t think which hammer prompted that knee-jerk.

I take an interest in politics because I believe, sad person that I am, that politics still matters. And that a sign of a healthy democracy is a strong, credible government and an equally strong and credible opposition. Better still if there is a third or fourth party who, when they speak, you scratch your chin and think, “Hmm, they’ve got a point there.”

I’m sure there have been equally inept opposition parties in the past, the sort who march their policies to the top of the and march them down again, or over the top of the trenches to be mown down by withering machine gun fire (from their own side) but I’m blowed if I can think of a disorganised mob to match this lot.

It is all too sad to contemplate. Perhaps it’s time to give up my childish belief in politicians.

UPDATE: It gets worse.

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  • J.J 22nd August 2007

    I have so much enjoyed the entertainment offered by the Tories in the past few weeks. Who ever said politics is boring is a fool 😉

  • Yorkshire Pudding 23rd August 2007

    I thought that pollyticks were blood sucking grubs that affect the parrot family… looking at and listening to David “Gie us a joint” Cameron I guess I was probably right.


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