I suffering from an occasional fit of jealousy. Master P has gone to watch Ross Noble live in Manchester tonight and I would really have loved to go with them, but having your dad hanging would have seriously damaged my son’s cred. You’d see it written on their faces: “If that old fart is into Ross Noble, why are we?”

But I do think he’s great, especially on ISIHAC. His humour is so wonderfully surreal, albeit not to everyone’s taste. So I’m stuck with watching him on YouTube as above.

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  • Mosher 4th October 2007

    He is verily a most humorouth man. One of my ex’s used to date someone who worked as a support act for him. Great laugh, apparently. I think he’s married to an Aussie and spends a lot of his time there – saw him on TV frequently when I was staying in Brisbane. Wonderful to hear his accent!

    Oh, and I’m bck in the north east now 🙂 Let me know when I can harass you and collect my sponsorship money!

    Blog update shortly.


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