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Remember Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em? Of course you do unless you’re keeping quiet about your age. The fascinating fact concerns the theme music, that piccolo opening tune that is probably running through your head as you read this — it is morse code for Some Mothers Do Ave Em. It says so at the BBC and on Wikipedia, two utterly trustworthy sources (? – Ed) so it must be true.

Sadly this conversation stopping fact had passed me by until this week when its composer passed away. Ronnie Hazlehurst was clearly a genius if he could weave morse code into such a memorable theme tune that he was paid the grand sum of 30GBP to write.

I knew he was from these parts, but according to his Telegraph obituary he grew up in the same town that I did and also attended the same grammar school as I did, albeit a generation earlier. They must have been better at teaching music in those days because I was/am useless whereas Ronnie ended up putting morse code into his music long before that Barrington Pheloung bloke was doing it for DCI Endeavour Morse.

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  • Blognor Regis 6th October 2007

    whereas Ronnie ended up putting morse code into his music long before

    I thought you were going to say Beethoven. I presume he did it before there was even morse code. The show off.

  • Shooting Parrots 6th October 2007

    Well I did wonder about including the mathematics of Mozart!


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