He plays on the left, he plays on the right…

No so much Ronaldo, more Gordo who has had a dither-fit by not calling an election. What a wuss. Mind you, the same header accusation could be aimed at Cameronio who couldn’t win a one ticket lottery, but seems to have convinced Brown that he might lose. So who is it that doesn’t want a poll? Apart from Ming the Merciful?

Anyway, the song was sung loud and long today at Old Trafford. I took Master P to watch the ManU/Wigan game and a strange one it was. Total crap in the first half, pure genius in the second.

Speaking of which, I must congratulate Sir Alex on his punctuation. This from the programme: “Scoring will come, hopefully today, because, as I say, our level of performance has been good.” Comma perfection as it was throughout the two pages. The boy done good.

Okay, so it was a ghost-writer.

But back to the title, I don’t know if it’s mu ears getting older, but I do struggle to work out the lyrics, or did we enunciate our epithets more clearly in my youth? One I did latch onto was that for the concussed Nemanja Vidic (favourite player) which goes like this, to the tune of Volare:

Nemanja, oh oh oh
Nemanja, oh oh oh
He comes from Serb-ia
He’ll f***ing murder ya

Doesn’t quite scan, but few footie chants do.

As for the politics, England beat Australia and Lewis Hamilton is on the verge of a miraculous F1 Championship , the frogs whipped the silver fern and still Dippy Gord can’t back a dead cert when he sees it.

He plays on the left, he plays on the right,
That boy Gordo makes Labour look shite.

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