Seal the Deal

I do hope that the rumours that Kerlon Moura Souza may come to ManU. The 19 year old centre forward who plays for Brazilian club Cruzeiro looks a class act as a striker, but particularly with his ‘seal dribble’ where he plays keepie-uppie with his head while tearing through the defenders who have no option but to foul him to stop him.

For that reason, I have no doubt that if it became an established tactic (and Bolton’s Daniel Braaten does a fair impression) then FIFA would have to ban it, or at least limit the number of times you can head the ball before reverting to the conventional method of whacking the ball with your foot.

So get the cheque book out Glazer and send Alex to sign him up before Chelski get there first. Worse still, it could be Sven. Rumour has it he does most of his scouting on YouTube.

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  • Steve 10th October 2007

    Well I for one don’t mind Sven doing his scouting on YouTube. He’s done alright so far.

  • Shooting Parrots 10th October 2007

    Amen to that. As several commentators have pointed our, for years we thought that Sven was a crap manager in charge of potentially great England team, in fact he was a great manager and it was the England team that was crap.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 10th October 2007

    Sorry to disappoint you Polly but Kerlon is on his way to the KC Stadium. The Tigers have rented a seafront property in Withernsea for him so that he can practise his keepie-uppie on the beach – just like Rio (not that twat Ferdinand).

  • Shooting Parrots 11th October 2007

    Ah, an Urban Splash des-res by Wetherfield Red-Rec trumps Withernsea every time!


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