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Blimey, I got my first invitation to join a YouTube group by opulent7 whoever that is. (Own up please.) It’s one dedicated to XTC, one of my fave bands in another life of mine that was the 70s/80s.

It was in the days when I bought music because it looked cool. More importantly, it was other people weren’t buying when I ‘discovered’ them. Roxy Music, Debbie Harry and the Ratty Town Boom Booms fell into the same category, as in I knew them before they were famous. Sadly the same can’t be said of Jobriath (quick check and yes, it was Jobriath Boone) who didn’t really make it, but he was quite good.

Back to the point though. Andy Partridge, despite his ordinary name, has produced extraordinary lyrics and moments in my life. Like:

I’m like a rocket from a bottle shot free
I’ve been just explosive since you lit me
I’ve been up with the larks
I’ve been shooting off sparks
and I’m feeling in love

Bollocks I know, but exactly the sort of bollocks to win over a winsome lass in those heady times. The rest were pretty surreal and you can make your own minds up on that.

The moments? One in particular when XTC played at a club off Peter Street in Manchester. I can’t remember its name, but back then the band played and we milled around (I called it dancing). It was close, it was real and it belonged to them and us. I don’t think that works today’s with worldwide phenomera and venues like the MEN Arena.

That’s me being the sad, old fart who also recommends that you click the above, not one of XTC’s originals, but for me an excellent take “All Along the Watchtower“.

Comment at will.

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  • Steve 11th October 2007

    “Don’t you know ’bout a billion years ago
    A star sneezed now they’re paging you in reception”

    The genius of Andy Partridge.

    I can’t remember that club though. Mr Smith’s ???

  • Shooting Parrots 11th October 2007

    It could have been Mr Smith’s. I need to check with someone else whose brain wasn’t too addled at the time! (Or still.)

  • Mosher 19th October 2007

    I know what you mean about small venues. Much as I can enjoy a festival (and so -I still have scars from this year’s Download), a small gig is great.

    Hayseed Dixie still play pub-sized places. And I saw Napalm Death at the Underworld in Camden a couple of years back. That place can’t be bigger than my old front room!


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