Boxing Not So Clever

I sometimes wonder if ‘new technology’ is often less helpful than the ‘old’ one. We had a new phone system installed at work this week which involves pressing more buttons than we ever had to do before:

  • You can’t just pick up the phone. You have to press an ‘accept call’ button.
  • When you pick up to make a call there is no ring tone. You have to press a ‘make call’ button for that to happen or wait several seconds for the ringtone to kick in.
  • And when you have keyed in the number it takes around 15 seconds to connect.

It’s meant to give me access to to an onscreen internal directory, which it does, except that you have to use the keys in the same way as texting without the predictive, so using the intranet Word document is the easier option. Better still, printed off and pinned on the wall.

Then there’s digital radio. We have three in the house and three analogue and they’re out of synch. The latter beat the former by several seconds. I know that digital is meant to be crystal clear (though not always in my experience) and yet analogue gets the news through by a nose.

The same is true of telly. We have HD-tv (when’s that going to happen?) and a Virgin Media box. Despite all that we get screen stutters and freezes and programme information that won’t go away without re-booting the box.

But what sort of IT is it that involves pulling out the plug and counting twenty seconds before making it work? As opposed to getting off your arse (as we once did) and banging the side of the set.

Too many channels as well and you have to imprint the numbers of a great many them on your mindbank. BBCs One to however many channels they’ve got up to now, Sky Sports , Setanta etc. My home and work phone number I can just about recall but the above isn’t easy and I need a crib. Which is always lost when you need it.

I’m a prime candidate for Mrs P’s TROGs party. The Reactionary Old Gits. We can be strong, we can have influence. I’m reminded of the words of a colleague who warned: “Beware the recently retired because they have time on their hands to complain. “Not that I’m quite there yet.

Credit where it’s due though. After the technology failures listed above I did get in touch with a Scottish call centre (via India) and a very helpful operator who has arranged for upgraded box to be installed next week.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Blognor Regis 19th October 2007

    Then there’s digital radio. We have three in the house and three analogue and they’re out of synch.

    Which is why they don’t do the pips anymore save for Sir Terence of Wogan to crash hit record into at 8o’clock.

    And, thinking about it, the

  • Blognor Regis 19th October 2007

    They don’t put the clock on screen before the news any more for presumably the same reasons.

  • Shooting Parrots 19th October 2007

    Exactly. Where once we set our watches by pips, we now have fuzzt time.


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