Killer Facts

If you know me by now you’ll know that I love the obscure. And you often find them in the most obscure places. Today it was the Mail. Okay, so it was an easy full-page lift from Any Questions Answered which sounds like another book to add to the Christmas list.

The sad thing is that there was me prepared to be mind-boggled and instead I found myself already knowing some of the answers. Such as Roy Orbison’s ‘Pretty Woman’ was his missus; that Macca had seeded clouds with dry ice to prevent rain at a St Petersburg concert; that there is a pub called Q in Stalybridge (but that’s just local knowledge); that Attila (the Hun) or Don (Juan) is uni slang for a 2:1; what TARDIS stands for (I’ve always felt that lifts could match the description – you get in one place and time and get out at another.(only relative if you happen to travelling with your parents on a holiday in Wales) and; the origin of the phrase ‘purple patch’, (Roman togas and all that.)

But there was new stuff. Like the fact that banana trees can ‘walk’; that the average person cries 121 pints of tears in a lifetime (and has 7,163 baths, though I personally fail there because I shower); that the first mobile phone call in the UK was made by Ernie Wise; that 73 accidents a year are caused by toothpaste tubes; a higher number of deaths are caused by Twister at 78 and; humans sharing a third of their DNA with the lettuce.

The really scary one concerns bees though and what would happen if they were to die out. Were this the case, all life would die out in around four years. No pollination, no food, no life. So sod the polar bears and the icecaps, sod the Amazon rain forests, sod the pandas and treasure your bees!

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