Down the Drain

The Advertising Standards Authority had a pop at Bosch last week over an ad that claimed a fully loaded dishwasher uses a quarter of the water of washing-up by hand. The ASA ruled that hand washing-up could be more water and energy efficient than using a white goods appliance, but I’m not convinced.

The elderly dishwasher we inherited when we moved into our house six years ago has been playing up recently. The water hasn’t been draining properly, so we got an engineer in last week who told us that the pump was kaput and we’ve been waiting for him to come back to fit a new one.

In the meantime, we have had to go back to using the washing-up bowl and what a chore it is, but I’m also sure that it uses far more water and energy than the dishwasher. I’ve no scientific evidence to back this up as I don’t know how much water and energy the machine uses, but washing-up by hand intuitively feels greater given the umpteen bowls of greasy, sudsy water we are throwing down the sink at the moment.

In fact, we managed to empty our hot water tank twice over the weekend which I can’t remember ever doing before. This Green stuff is very confusing isn’t it?

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  • Blognor Regis 20th November 2007

    Our Bosch says exactly how much water it uses for a given programme and given all the stringent testing they’ve got to do to get their little ‘A’ rating thingy I’m inclined to belive them when they say the ~35minute one uses 13 litres or whatever it is.

    Like you say though, there must be caveats, washing up one mug in it would be far more wasteful than doing it in the sink but I don’t see why a full load wouldn’t use less than a hand wash. How much does an average bowl/sink hold anyway I wonder?

  • Mosher 20th November 2007

    On the basis that my dad works for Bosch, I can’t comment on this post.


  • J.J 22nd November 2007

    I am off topic now but have been rather too indiscreet on my blog and as a result have had to go ‘underground’ for a while and restrict access to bloggers I know. If you would like to still see it send me your e-mail address to and I will sort it.

    Cheers from
    Jane The Very Stupid.


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