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I normally bar all mention of Christmas so far ahead of the event as there are plenty of people to make us heartedly sick of the whole thing before we even get to Stir-up Sunday. (3 December this year by my reckoning) “Seasonal” calendars in the shops, supermarkets decked out in tinsel and the telly advertising everything from sofas to Christmas trees.

But I’ve made an exception this year for the above — The Christmas Number Seven Project. Some lads in Hereford calling themselves the Black Mountains (after the hill of the same name) have worked out that selling 250,000 copies of their single to reach the Christmas No 1 is probably beyond them, but 45,000 to make No 7 is probably achievable.

No prime time tv to promote their single, Overplayed Song, indeed no promotional budget at all so the video above was done for free by a mate. Yes I know, and it shows, but somehow that is part of the appeal of what is quite a nice tune. And it only costs 79p, some of which goes to charity if they are successful. Good on ’em.

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