Well, yet another New Year’s Eve survived in one piece and yet another Jools Holland Hootenanny (HOOTENANNY!!) I don’t know about you, but was it quite as good as in previous years? Eddie Floyd and Madness were great and Seasick Steve was especially good, hence the embed above. I think it was the presence of Paul McCartney and the general air of sycophancy that seemed to surround him.

The whole evening was slightly odd because it was our first NYE for many years when neither of our kids were here. Both had gone off to celebrate with friends leaving me and Mrs P home alone Billy No-mates. Mind you, this was preferable than paying thirteen quid for a ticket to the local pub for the privilege of getting up close and personal in a packed room and paying extortionate prices, assuming you can get to the bar. Ah, the spirit of Scrooge lives on!

A pleasant evening nonetheless and a pleasant day too with a cobweb-blowing stroll round nearby Compstall even if most of the surrounding population seemed to have had the same idea making it nearly as crowded as a rip-off pub on NYE.

And next an excellent meal to look forward to. All in all a good start to 2008.

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