Clarkson for PM

Being something of a Clarkson fan, I loved his imagined manifesto (penned by Leo McKinstry) were he to stand for Prime Minister in the Mail today, unhallowed be thy name. This was in light of the petition to this effect at the excellently flaky

I doubt that Jezza would sign up to all 20 policies, but probably above half. And the thing is that, if he were to stand, he’d probably surf into No.10 pm on a landslide, assuming you can ride a surfboard on slip-sliding earth.

Which is why I like Jezza so much. He probably could. He is today’s idiot savant (or autistic savant as we have to say these days — that’s something else to get his apolitical teeth into) along with Boris Johnson, Gwyneth Dunwoody, Lembit Opik and any number of political mavericks shunted out of mainstream politics and into the media’s eccentricities because of their ‘off-message’ opinions.

The thing is, the British public loves ‘off-message’. It gives us another take on political thinking, one that isn’t ‘blue skies thinking’, or ‘legacy’, or ‘not fit for purpose’, or any other of the career politicos’ mantras — see the CPS 2008 Lexicon. (Think I’ve taken a wrong right turn here)

We need ‘off-message’, or even ‘out of the box’, thinking, not the anodyne so prevalent today. Would you turn out to vote for Gordon, the Cameron/Blair clone or the other bloke whose name I can’t even remember? Or someone with political balls to offer something original thinking?

As one of my heroine’s, Rosa Luxemburg, had it:

Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.”

May it be ever thus. And Jezza for PM!!

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  • Blognor Regis 3rd January 2008

    Hear hear. Although I’m not sure of how much of the Jezza manifesto I’d agree with.

    As an adjunct to the Rosa Luxembourg quote:

    “Freedom only — freedom only means the freedom to be stupid. You know? Because you don`t need freedom to do what everybody thinks you should.”
    Penn Jillette.

  • Shooting Parrots 4th January 2008

    Ah yes, but Penn Jillette was an illusionist, not a political realist!


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