Play up Pompey, Pompey play up

Me and Mrs P were lucky enough to get two tickets for the Portsmouth game at Old Trafford last night. We usually sit high up in the North Stand, but we found ourselves quite low down in the South Stand towards the old Scoreboard End which gave us a terrific view of that goal. I’ve watched the replays on the web over and over and I still can’t figure how Ronnie got it up and over the wall and then dip into the net. From our side on position, it had the trajectory of a howitzer.

Yes, great seats at least for that entertaining first half other than it is near the corner where the away fans sit so you have to put up with the usual chants and insults. (Two nil and you’re still shit” etc) I don’t have a problem with that — it’s the role of the away fans and the Pompey fans are as loud as they get — but they had with them the worst trumpeter I have ever heard providing accompaniment.

Anyway, the point of this post is to give a word of thanks and appreciation to those Pompey fans. At half-time Mick Groves, formerly of the Spinners, came on the pitch to sing the Flowers of Manchester as above and I did fear that the Pompey might let themselves down and spoil the occasion, but they didn’t and the song was heard out in respectful silence.

Okay so they may have taken themselves off to the bar for an expensive beer or coffee, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and my respect.

PS: Aah, so that’s how he did it — controlled chaos.

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  • Blognor Regis 1st February 2008

    Perhaps they should get Mike Oldfield on at Fratton Park for a rendition of “Portsmouth” sometime. That or “Hearts of Oak.”


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