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I’m taking a risk here by owning up to reading this article. (My name is Shooting Parrots and I am a Daily Mail reader.) Embarrassment aside, the nub and gist of the piece was that digital radio is headed the way of Betamax and Stereo 8 to be consigned to the dustier corners of technology/marketing obscurity because is doesn’t do the job and we just don’t buy the kit and are happy with analogue.

I don’t buy that. Or rather I did. The Parrot household may not be typical, but I did a quick tot up of the digital versus analogue radios in regular use here in plumaged land. (The ‘regular’ discounts all the things that could deliver radio — tellies, PCs, sound systems and in-car etc — that could do radio but we can’t be arsed — just the ones we as a family use in a rather discordant, out-of-synch, different station sort of way.

Of the eight, five are digital, although one is portable and so only gets used when Mrs P is walking the dog when there is a ManU match on R5 or I’m mowing the lawn and need something to break the tedium. But 8/5 seems a pretty good ratio and one that the digi-blokes should hold on to, as well as their nerve.

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  • Mosher 2nd February 2008

    I remember a couple of years ago when they were trying to advertise digital radio using the ManUre Champs League win as an example of how good it was. A guy driving a van goes into a dip while listening to analogue, and the signal goes all hissy so he misses the late goals.

    Now… is it just me or if you have a dodgy signal on digital, doesn’t it just *vanish* rather than go all hissy? The TV works that way. So rather than having something barely audible, you actually have something completely *inaudible*.

    I’m still in the “leave TV on analogue” camp as I lived somewhere where a digital signal was simply unusable because of this. As such, I’d not even considered digital radio. Everything I owned (bar streaming down the net) was analogue.

    I can also count the number of people I know who use digital radio on the fingers of one thumb… and that’d be you, Mr Parrot!


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