hostess-dishesI’m a great believer in happenstance, those moments in time and space that seem perfectly choreographed and just meant to happen. Or synchronicity as Jung would have it, but it really does happen. Sometimes fictional, as in The Eagle Has Landed, and often the factual and mundane.

Take our hostess trolley. We’ve had it for the best part of 20 years and it has been an integral part of our Sunday roast dinner allowing, as it does, keeping everything hot until we’re are ready to eat without stressing the cook.

We inherited it from Mrs P’s sister and it came whole, but over the years it has become less effective. In particular the Pyrex dishes. We started with four, plus stainless steel lids, then went down to three, with prayers for the fallen.

Things came to a head at the weekend when one of the last remaining three dishes went west. Mrs P was distraught, as were me a Master P, future roasts in mind, so I hit the E-Bay button and was hit back by the the above.

There was a set of four such dishes at £25, Nothing special there then, except that there was just three minutes to go. I’m not much of an E-Bayer and yet some fast keyboard work secured the said Pyrex and stainless-steel lids for not much more, plus postage.

It does make you wonder whether there is a God. And whether He believes chance or chaos, or one of E-Bay and order, or is personal good-fairy, or, even better, some sort of evolutionary heat-resistant glassware!

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