Life’s Little Irritants — No 13

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted an LLI since 2006 because so much in life is irritating. I mean, so much of modern life is a pain in the arse and we all love a good moan at the rubbish up with which we have to put. I guess it must be my naturally sunny nature.

But petrol pumps. My local Morrisons has changed them lately. On the face of it a good move. You can opt to choose between paying at the pump or at the till. In theory, the former lets you adds to your Miles Points, but you never quite trust ’em and go for the latter when they have to swipe the card. (And can you miss out on a fiver when there is cheap booze to buy?)

My moan though is the pumps themselves. Petrol prices like they are, the penny per gallon whirrs at terrible speed and getting my £20 of fuel accurately usually ends up with 99p of shrapnel weighing down my trouser pocket.

What happened to the programmable pump? I’m sure I recall in my lifetime petrol pumps that would deliver a given amount, either in gallons or cost. What happened to that technology?

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  • Mosher 13th May 2008

    They use it when you buy petrol after about 10pm in most residential areas. You can’t set it, but the guy in the bulletproof cubicle does once you’ve paid in advance.

  • Shooting Parrots 13th May 2008

    Blimey, I must live a sheltered life. The thing is they have just installed these new high-tech pumps. Well, they let you pay at the pump with a card, get your miles points etc, but not choose how much you want to put in. I’m sure it would be more efficient. If you want £20 worth, you wouldn’t have to slow up at £19.50 (that clock doesn’t half whizz round) and inch your wake to the target.


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