That Way Madness Lies

I read in the Mail that the law is to ban the traditional taking of photos of newlyweds signing the register. I’ve only got their word for it of course as the story only seems to appear on the web in their slightly more rabid sister paper the Evening Standard, but then you can’t imagine them making it up. Can you? I mean, they don’t have an agenda do they?

Anyway, if true, it’s all to with data protection apparently. If we had that photo at really high-res, we could use Photoshop to zoom in and read the details and use them to steal an identity. Er.. right. The same details then that are posted in public view in the register office open to anyone with a notepad and pen and nefarious intent.

The second excuse is that the photographed couple might make a mistake or splodge the register with an ill-aimed fountain pen while concentrating on the snapper. Yeah, right. How often has this happened?

By far and away the worst excuse though:

“Taking a photograph could be construed as a copy of the entry and a breach of the Crown Copyright. There are four entries to a double page so the details of another marriage could also be photographed.”

Of a public record? One I could buy for £7 by filling in a simple form? Give me strength. If any story typifies our ‘can’t do’ society, this one does.

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  • Mosher 11th May 2008

    Yes, but if you take a photo then you won’t spend the £7 and the government loses out. And your personal happiness is worth less than the vague possibility you could want to purchase that record.

    Don’t forget that we’re all potential paedos as well, which is why you can’t take photos as your kids’ school play or sports day any more. Guilty until proven innocent, remember?


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