Bluebirds are go!
Love this Lego Road to Wembley by Cardiff City. Now the BBC have lost the rights to the FA Cup, why not Lego Match of the Day? I also think that Do the Ayatollah is a much better FA Cup song than the James Fox official title, at least I know which one the fans will be singing. Plus any song that has the line in its opening bars “we’re ready for a new tale, at the helm is Peter Ridsdale” is deeply, deeply buttock-clenching.

For balance, I should link to the well shot, poor soundtracked Pompey till I Die and the unofficial What a Wonderful Team. Poor show Pompey!

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  • Mosher 20th May 2008

    Didn’t realise the Beeb had lost the rights. Ah well, not that I ever bother watching the FA Cup anyway. Not after the two dreadful performances we put in.

    At least there’s still free coverage on ITV, though said coverage will be awful compared to the class act that the BBC is in comparison. As ever, the FA are interested in money over the quality experienced by the fans.


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