We ‘appy Few

A lot has been made about the history and destiny behind Wednesday. Fifty years since the Munich disaster, forty years since ManU first won the title (and I was there) and Giggs coming on to break Bobby Charlton’s club appearance record. Pity that 1999 didn’t quite fit the decimal pattern.

The thing is, footie fans are ridiculously superstitious. Even me, rational and logical in most things, but come a ManU match and that goes out the window. As an example, when me and Mrs P sat down to watch the match. The question was whether to watch it on ITV or Sky. I plumped for the former on the basis that the Reds ‘don’t lose on ITV’. Even when we went 1 – 0 up the irrational in me said: “Don’t turn over to Sky. We’ll be losing 1 – 0 there.”

The point of this post is equally superstitious. One fact that seemed lost on the night that because of the demands of tv the penalty shoot-out took the game beyond midnight and into the morning of 22 May – the birthday of George Best.

I suppose on that basis John Terry has no chance of being remembered. Except for the wrong reasons.

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