The Great British Phone-in

We Brits are really good at stereotypes, from “all immigrants are illegal and only here to milk the NHS and the benefits system” to ” all ManU fans live in the home counties and Asia”. The former is bigoted and reactionary and especially so the latter. Yes there are plenty of Cockney Reds and the foreign following is massive, but in my experience of trips to OT the accents are local.

One of the posts I’ve often planned and never done is an analysis of 606 as the Liverpool fan from Swindon calls in, or someone with a West Country burr waxes about Arsenal. It isn’t scientific (yet) but the only accents I recall talking about their local team in the Premiership were those from the North East, the Midlands and the lesser London clubs.

But that is by the by. The purpose of this post, pre-rant, was stereotyping. Don’t you just love it? So here is one of my occasional posts on clasic comedy, this time from the Million Pound Radio Show in which Andy Hamilton hosts a phone-in with Harry Enfield as George from Hendon and Felicity Montagu as Jean. You can almost hear the pages of the Daily Mail rustling in the background. Here it is below. A bit dated, hence the reference to Bernie Grant, but enjoy.

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