Bread and Circuses

I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, but I haven’t seen or heard much of David Cameron over the last few weeks. Apart from the tv debates, I can only recall his media call at Warburtons in the first days of the campaign.

That must have had his PR team in a quandary — whether to pose him in front of racks of thick or thin loaves and the subliminal message this might have sent out, so they plumped for the middle of the road medium sliced option. Apparently, it is okay to be labelled “medium” in modern politics.

My own theory is that he is keeping his head down in case the electorate finally twig that Dave is actually Data moonlighting from his day job on the USS Enterprise. Either that or to avoid us catching him speaking his mind in an unscripted moment, like poor old Gordon last week.

But I did catch a soundbite of Dave’s on the radio today in the last mad frantic grab for votes before the polling booths open tomorrow morning. He said he had met hundreds of “literally swinging voters.” Now I doubt he had been to schmooze in a kiddies playground and can only assume he is better acquainted with the swingers of Surbiton than his rivals.

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