Cache Dash
My idea of fresh air and fun is to open the windows and then settle down to watch a game of footie or cricket on the box. Mrs P is the outdoor type in the Parrot household and regularly takes long walks with the dog, and I mean proper walks measured in miles rather than metres.

Lately she and her friends have taken up Geocaching to add interest to their outings, the idea being to hunt down little treasure chests and then logging them online. Travel Bugs are special items that you find and then hide somewhere else so that the person who originally hid it can plot its progress. Mrs P and Co found one last week, a mini Tigger toy, that they set about caching again yesterday. The problem was, they didn’t make a note of which of the many caches they found they had left it in.

This meant that they couldn’t register where they had left it, at least not with any great certainty, which would have been a bit of a pisser for its original owner if  Tigger’s progress abruptly went cold. There was nothing else for it — we had another stroll along the Macclesfield Canal to relocate it.

Which we did, so Tigger can resume his travels, and I got to walk three or four miles before recovering with a much needed coffee at the Trading Post in Poynton.

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