Coalition of the Wilting

Heath, Thorpe and WilsonFor once, the media have not been exaggerating (much) by describing the events of today as momentous, not least Gordon’s announcement that he is to stand down as both PM and Labour leader.

You do wonder how much the politicians have learned from the past, in particular 1974. Many of the themes of this article by Richard Woods are familiar — a minority government, electoral reform and coalition. Not least is the Liberal demands for Heath’s head which was refused, but apparently Gordon Brown offered his own on a plate this afternoon.

Funnily enough, I posted these words by Jeremy Clarkson almost exactly five years ago, and they still hold true today.

Time will tell what sort of administration we will have, if only for six months or so. Meanwhile, if one more politician tries to deflect a media question on where this is headed with, “That’s way above my pay grade” I will scream.

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