Clive Tyldesley is a *%&#

Tyldesley — never knowingly understood

Just back from doing the weekly shop which was a bit of a breeze given that the FA Cup is going out live on ITV. It isn’t just that I didn’t fancy watching Chelsea doing the inevitable double, the main reason was to avoid the bloody inane drivel of the bloody inane Clive Tyldesley.

Unfortunately, Morrison’s was pretty quiet so I was home before half-time to hear Clive make a prat of himself right on cue. It was the Drogba shot that hit the bar and had Clive screaming that it was a goal.

“How long did it take us on television to confirm that it was a goal? Fifteen seconds?” he crowed. However, his cogent argument for the introduction of tv replay technology was seriously flawed because even my rheumy eyes could tell that the whole of the ball had not crossed the line.

You wonder why. Does the commentator have such a poor vantage point? Is he a closet Chelsea supporter? Does he understand the bloody rules of the game? I just wish he’d stick to his ‘interesting stats and facts’ and not bother with the commentary. This site sums him up neatly.

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