“A functioning police state needs no police”

1937I don’t generally subscribe to those “we’re sleepwalking into a police state” opinions that you often read in the letters page of the Daily Mail.

Apart from the ban on smoking in public places, I haven’t felt that my civil liberties have been especially eroded. Or is it that I haven’t noticed because I really am sleepwalking?

This business with the BA strikers is in danger of changing my mind. Whatever you think the rights and wrongs of this particular dispute or of striking in principle, it remains one of our basic human rights, or at least it was the last time I looked. So using the judiciary to block people exercising this right based on obscure and trivial reasons does smack of totalitarianism.

Mr Justice McCombe granted a third injunction to stop the action because the email that the union sent out to its members didn’t spell out that eleven of the 11,000 voting papers had been spoiled. I use the words ‘spell out’ advisedly because the email did did contain a link to the information in full, but according to the law, this just wasn’t explicit enough which is bizarre view of information technology.

I don’t agree with the strike given that BA staff have pretty good pay and conditions. I also have a vested interest as my daughter has just booked a flight to South Africa with them in the summer. But it does seem to me that the state is conspiring against democracy and I think we’re sleepwalking into a police state…

See Mark Steel in the Independent

The image above comes from Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian by George Reisman on Mises Daily. Headline quote from William S Burroughs

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