Gottle o’ Grin an’ T (Not Geer)

I wonder what will happen to Lord Charles now that his handler, Ray Alan, has passed away? It’s a serious question — the ventriloquist dies, but the characters they create can live on indefinitely potentially.

Just ask Sooty and Sweep, devised by Harry Corbett, the bequeathed to his son, Matthew, until he retired after twenty-odd years of letting his fingers do the talking, passing on the puppets to Richard Caddell. Everyone gets to put their feet up one way or another except poor old Sooty. Who hasn’t got any feet, of course.

I digress. The question is, will Lord Charles come back to haunt us? I rather hope not. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but it wasn’t a great act. About the only thing that made it ‘adult’ entertainment was that the puppet was always pissed and could use the word ‘arse’ on prime time television.

And how odd that your puppet is bettered remembered than you are. Like the time that Lord Charles was allocated the No1 dressing room at the ABC studios in Manchester while Alan got No2. The call boy explained:

“I felt it only right that a titled gentleman should have the best one.”

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