Good Copy Bad Copy

One of my pet hates is the way that mundane businesses have to make themselves sound more interesting and exciting by the use of hyperbole in their advertising. Or at least it used to be the inadequate, but the trend has spread all sectors of private and public organisations, large and small.

Everyone, it seems, needs a mission statement and a commitment to something, no matter how intangible — performance, excellence, quality, success, innovation, the list goes on.

The other great thing about the word commitment is that it doesn’t actually commit you to anything in the here and now, just a vague promise for the future, assuming you are able to recognise what represents excellence, quality etc when you get there.

Good Copy Bad Copy is a handy reference for both good writing and bad, but particularly the bad because there is so much of it.

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  • Jennyta 2nd June 2010

    And the more interesting and exciting they make themselves sound, the less they actually do for the customer. Or is that me just being cynical in my old age? 😉

  • Polly 3rd June 2010

    Ten dollar words I think the Americans call them. I suspect that management use these words not just to hide their meaning from everyone else, but from themselves as well.


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