One-legged Man at Butt Kicking Contest

Lord knows we try to do our bit for the environment, but I’m not sure the environment is paying much attention.

Every day I look up into the sky to see if our bit of the ozone layer is thickening up at all with no noticeable effect. Mind you, it’s hard to tell through the clouds and when your glasses are blurred with raindrops.

All our bottles, cans and plastic bottles go in one bin and there is another for newspapers and cardboard. What doesn’t go into our compost bins gets put in the wheelie bin for garden waste and I’ve even started to put old batteries in a plastic pot to recycle at local supermarket.

In between times, there are regular trips to the tip where everything is disposed of in the appropriate container, while old clothes and other serviceable items go to the local charity shop.

What I can’t understand then is why there is so much rubbish left over to go in the plastic landfill sacks. Does the detritus of our lives exand to fill that hole in the ground?

Whatever, the next stage in our green campaign is to install a water butt in the garden so that we can gather the rain off the roof to water the bedders and make the hosepipe less of a drain on our natural resources, both literally and figuratively.

It arrived yesterday from Water Butts Direct, which must be about as niche a market as you could think of on the internet. (Actually when I checked with Whois, it’s a subsite of Original Organics Ltd in Devon.)

robert-newton-as-long-john-silverIt’s plastic, of course, but the picture above doesn’t really do it justice. It is darker in reality and looks not unlike the wooden barrel it is supposed to be. When I first saw it, I could imagine it with a guttering candle in a brass candlestick and a foaming pewter tankard of ale or a bottle of rum as Robert Newton rests his peg-leg  and ha-hars a bit.

Whether it will look the same after a few months in the sun, I have me doubts, but if rains anything like it did at the weekend it should be full by the end of the week, all 26 gallons of it.

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