Cumbria Can Cope

Places like Cumbria tend to get ignored by the mainstream media, unless you count Spring Watch and Wish You Were Here, but they’re more interested in wildlife and holiday cottages.

As far as the rolling news channels are concerned, it’s a place you might go to recharge your batteries before returning to ‘real life’ in London.

That is until events like today. Twelve people shot dead and eleven more seriously wounded, not to mention Derrick Bird who killed himself after his senseless rampage.

The first inkling of what was happening came on Radio Five Live this morning. Stephen Nolan was reading the bulletins on his show as they came in and he stumbled over the word ‘Egremont’ and inflected a question mark at the end as if to say: “Did I get that right?”

He really didn’t have a clue about where he was was talking about.

It has been a media feste since though and there must have been hordes of journos packed off by their editors up the M6 to file some who, where, when and why copy in time for pages one to nine tomorrow morning. Although the why may take some time longer to work out.

The main message that seemed to come out was how incongruous the events were and questions were asked whether the emergency services could cope with such an emergency. Because nothing ever happens in Cumbria.

When you think about it though, that small population has seen more than its fair share of sorrow over recent years: Legionella in Barrow; foot and mouth; the Greyrigg train crash; the Morecambe Bay cockle-pickers; the Carlisle floods and; the coach crash near Keswick just last week. And that’s just the ones that spring to my mind 100 miles away.

So yes, I think they can cope even if the media thinks they shouldn’t be able to.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 3rd June 2010

    Cumbrian people are almost as tough as Yorkshire folk. Of course they will emerge from this horror. After all – what else can they do? One thing that troubles me is the possibility of some kind of copycat event. 99% of us weep with horror at crazy Derrick Bird’s mindless bloodbath but there will be a handful of nutters half smirking at their TV sets and seeing how relatively easy it is to achieve notoriety. May all of Bird’s victims rest in peace and may their now devastated loved ones discover new paths to happiness as future years pass by. It could have been you. It could have been me.

  • Polly 3rd June 2010

    Yep, you never know what is round the corner. I was thinking that when I heard about Michael Pike who was just out for his morning bike ride. Senseless, but how do you explain the inexplicable?


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