Cut Down Jungles or Irrigate Deserts?

Running a country is an absolute doddle, or at least you’d think so if the politicians are to be believed.  No matter the party colours, they all have the answer to the perceived ills of the world.

Of course, they can’t make it look too easy or what’s the point of government, so they dress it up first in the gloomiest rags they can find.

Take Duke Dave and his dire warnings of how hard things will be in the coming years. He’s now had chance to look at the books and says that they are much worse than they thought would be, as if he’s just bought out some ailing company that is ready for breaking up.

In fact, that last line reminded me of when Kraft took over Cadbury this year with promises to safeguard products and jobs only to change their minds once they’d got their hands on the credit/debit ledgers. And why we’re now seeing more of that rubbish Mika chocolate on the supermarket shelves.

But I digress. What is interesting is reading the subtext of Dave’s words — “painful cuts”= I’m a Tory leader, “difficult decisions”= who wants to appear statesmanlike and that he will not cut the deficit “in a way that hurts those we most need to help” or “that divides the country”= that is exactly what I have in mind.

Cuts to benefits, services and jobs are inevitable because the public sector are the only bits of the economy that the government can do anything about. And it isn’t a problem for middle England because public sector workers are apparently overpaid, under-worked, over-pensioned and totally inefficient — you know, in the way that business isn’t. Oh, and they are all Labour voters, so stuff ’em.

Still, it’s good to see they’ve made a start by ditching the pay-as-you throw tax in favour of a we-pay-you-if-you-don’t-throw policy. A fine example of blue/orange sky thinking that is. All that is needed to make it work is to invest in exactly the same equipment to weigh everyone’s bins and create a few thousand public sector jobs to administer the scheme.

Or will they just re-skill the teachers, nurses, police etc that will be looking for new jobs?

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