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Just back from a trip across the Pennines to drop off my daughter after a few days at home back to her other home. As usual, we went the pretty route — ie spending as much time in Derbyshire as possible — although wasn’t quite the scenic sunlit fields we’re used to. More misty greyness and fog lights.

To avoid the rain, we had lunch at the Spice Market Café on Eccleshall Road which is a sort of East meets West place. To quote from this review:

“There’s no authenticity to this restaurant whatsoever – it’s Brit spice,” says Richard Smith. “It’s about taking the ingredients and the spices and flavours and giving them a Western twist.”

Perhaps more of a northern twist. We had a bento (弁当) box of Indian fishfingers, black pudding wonton, shredded ginger and dips and noodles. Oh, and a more traditional Brit dish — an onion bhaji.

It was pretty good though. I was taken with the fishfingers which were slightly spiced mini battered fish, while Ms P preferred the wonton, as pictured above, and here’s a recipe if you like to give it a try. The only let down was bhaji which was overcooked and the batter ever so slightly burnt, but otherwise a good value meal at £10 a head.

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