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HOUSEWIVES. Throw a fish carcass into a bucket of cement, and hey presto! You have an instant fossil! Tarn Dale, Glasgow

BEFORE attempting to remove stubborn stains from a garment, circle the stain in permanent marker. When you remove the garment from your washing machine you can easily find where the stain was and check to make sure it has gone. E Williams, Solihull

JELLY from pork pies, once warmed up, can be easily spread with a brush and is an economical substitute for varnish on doors, cupboards and skirting boards. Lee and Dogs, Cleveland

RE-SPRAYING your car? Cover it with clingfilm first. If you don’t like the new colour, simply peel it off and start again! Denise Jordan, Petts Wood

THE LID from a sardine tin, with the key removed, makes an ideal quiff for a small robot. I Ink, Bootle

SAVE money on doorbell batteries by removing them and simply popping to the door every two minutes to see if anyone is there. Rod Scott, Leicester

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 9th June 2010

    Ha! Ha! Very bizarre. I’ll try to make one up myself…

    Maintain a clean fridge and pristine freezer by shopping every day. Use of dried skimmed milk, canned meat and vegetables plus regular visits to local takeaways will ensure that your fridge stays in tip top condition.

    David Laws (MP), Ramsbottom

  • Polly 9th June 2010

    Cellotape bubblewrap to your car tyres and hey presto! The luxurious sound of a gravelled driveway without the expense.


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